Status EffectsEdit

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Fallen – A character enters this state when their HP reaches 0. They cannot act in this state. This state automatically goes away and the character revives with 1 HP post-battle.


Poison – A character will lose 10% of their HP every turn while this state is inflicted. This state automatically goes away post-battle.

Blind – A character’s hit rate drops by 60% while this state is inflicted. Physical attacks cannot be performed as well. This state automatically goes away post-battle.

Silence – A character cannot cast elemental spells while this state is inflicted. This state automatically goes away post-battle.

Confusion – A character in this state will attack both enemies and allies. It automatically goes away between 2-4 turns. There is a 50% chance the state will go away when damage is inflicted upon the character.

Asleep – A character falls asleep in this state. Their evade drops to 0%. The state is automatically removed if the character is damaged or from 3 to 5 turns.

Paralysis – In this state, a character’s evade drops to 0%, they cannot perform physical skills or cast elemental spells, and they cannot attack. They can still guard or use items.

Stun – In this state, the character cannot act for 1 turn.

Burning – Set someone on fire. The target will have their attack and defense reduced to 70%. They lose 5% HP per turn. Ends after 2 to 4 turns. Water spells remove the Burning state.

Wet – Douse an enemy with water. Wind spells are 200% effective when a target is wet. Ends after 2 to 4 turns.

Frazzled – Get knocked up by electricity. Agility reduced to 50%. HIT rate reduced to 50%. Ends after 2 to 3 turns or when taking damage.

Dirty – Get dirt all over yourself. Lasts for 2 to 4 turns. Nothing happens to you while you are in this state.

Diseased – HP recovery spells and items are 50% effective under this state. Lasts for 2 to 3 turns.

Darkness – Hit Rate drops by 60% and physical skills cannot be used. This state persists out of battle. To remove this state, you must use a torch or cast the torch spell. This state can only happen when you enter a dark place without using a torch.

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