Many upgrades require prerequisite upgrades. They won't appear in the menu at all unless the previous version has been bought. Also, new upgrades won't appear until the next time the Salesman shows up in town (7 days)

 UpgradeCECostAdds toFeatures
1Hot Springs392500 Unlocks Hot Springs
2Anvil: The Salesman's anvil differs from the anvil in the blacksmith in that you can only upgrade/repair basic weapons/armor with the blacksmith anvil. The house anvil can repair/upgrade any gear. There are no upgrades for the anvil.405000HouseUpgrading, Repairing
3Forge Lv14110000HouseCraft Metal Items up to Skill Level 40
4Forge Lv24230000HouseCraft Metal Items up to Skill Level 60
5Forge Lv34390000HouseCraft Metal Items up to Skill Level 80
6Forge Lv444500000HouseCraft Metal Items up to Skill Level 100
7Workbench458000House - denCraft Accessories/Gadgets
8Loom Lv14610000House BedroomCraft Cloth/Leather items Skill Lv 40
9Loom Lv24730000House Bedroom60
10Loom Lv34890000House Bedroom80
11Loom Lv449500000House Bedroom100
12Alchemy Lab Lv15020000BasementCraft potions up to Skill Level 40
13Alchemy Lab Lv25160000BasementCraft potions up to skill level 75
14Alchemy Lab Lv352750000BasementCraft potions up to skill level 100
15Enchanter Lab Lv15320000BasementCraft enchantments up to skill lv 40
16Enchanter Lab Lv25460000Basement75
17Enchanter Lab Lv355750000Basement100
18Optional Storage #15620000House Bedroom100 item storage
19Optional Storage #2

(Located in the basement of Reniat's house.)

57200000Basement300 item storage
20Optional Storage #3

(Located in the basement of Reniat's house.)

58500000Basement999 item storage
21Hire a Maid

(Each day you can ask Keslin to either clean the house, go foraging or craft items.)

59100000House - denKeslin Pruitt moves into Town

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