NameRaceMeta raceTypeLocations
Leprous HareRabbitBeastCommonBlackbird Forest, Colorous Cave 1-3
Punkster DogBeastCommonBlackbird Forest
RionaCatBeastCommonBlackbird Forest
Gay SnakeSnakeBeastEliteBlackbird Forest, Colorous Cave 1-3
Green SlimeySlimeFormlessCommonBlackbird Forest, Colorous Cave
Bubonic RabbitRabbitBeastEliteBlackbird Forest
EvelynCatBeastEliteBlackbird Forest
Red SlimeySlimeFormlessEliteColorous Cave 1-5
Earth ElementalElementalFormlessEliteColorous Cave 1-5
PixieFairyHumanoidCommonColorous Cave 2-5
BonesSkeletonUndeadCommonColorous Cave 2-5
PucaFairyHumanoidEliteColorous Cave 3-5
Earth DragonDragonDragonEliteColorous Cave 4
PlutonusBossBeastBossColorous Cave 2, Enexodia Barrens
Lime SlimeySlimeFormlessEventBlackbird Forest
WinkburgerCatFormlessEventBlackbird Forest
BanditHumanHumanoidEventBlackbird Forest
MimicTreasure BoxFormlessEventBlackbird Forest / Colorous Cave
RattyRatBeastCommonColorous Cave 3-5
Mud SlimeySlimeFormlessCommonColorous Cave 3-5
WeediePlantBeastCommonColorous Cave 4-5
Eilei the DrunkSkull KingHumanoidBossColorous Cave 3
Queue BoyBossHumanoidBossColorous Cave 3
RaimurSkull KingHumanoidBossColorous Cave 4
Captain ColorousBossUndeadSuperbossColorous Cave 5
FalconBossDragonEventColorous Cave 5
BeautyBossDragonEventColorous Cave 5
RaimurBoss EventColorous Cave  4
Hipster DogDogBeastCommonRunalea Plains
Eye of the BeholderEyeball thingBeastSuperEliteRunalea Plains - these mobs only appear here if you haven't defeated the Colorous Cave
RobertSkull KingHumanoidEventRunalea Plains
LangianDragonDragonEventColorous Cave / Mt Marendeim

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